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Semua tentang Hal2 yg membuat ku bahagia. Iput, Cimo dan melakukan hobby yg menyenangkan....

About YOU.ME AND ETC.....

About YOU.ME AND ETC.....

Sometimes life is always and will always be a secret, we humans can only run and try.
love, tears, happiness, affection will all happen in the life of the world, yes, that's how the opportunity is to live a life that is god loving, we just choose to live a happy life or vice versa.
maybe when I was a child, my thoughts were not as complicated as now because childhood was not at that stage, but I wanted to return to that life with loved ones, of course, without any burden.
yes back to human life basically, inevitably have to undergo.

I hope that in the future, I will always be happy with those I care about.

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